Exclusive: The Cover FX Diverse Beauty Campaign That We Love

Cover FX

It's all too common for beauty brands to offer foundations that range across 10, maybe 15, different shades. This is a problem because 10 or 15 different shades clearly don't account for everyone's distinct skin tone variations. To make matters worse, the variety of makeup tones aren't distributed equally; usually, it's people with darker skin tones who find themselves with fewer shade options to choose from.

Lately, however, big-name brands have taken steps to remedy this issue (just look to H&M or ASOS, which have both unveiled stunning new beauty campaigns focused on diversity and representation), and Cover FX is the latest.

Their #NudeIsNotBeige campaign emphasizes and celebrates our different skin tones. The brand gave us the exclusive details, stressing that "Nude is more than just beige, it's a variety of golden, pink, and neutral undertones that makes each of us unique," the brand notes. Cover FX isn't just talking the talk, either: Its cult-favorite foundation has been available in a groundbreaking 40 different shades since 2015.

Cover FX

"At Cover FX, we know that a new shade is born every day," Cover FX CEO Sharon Collier tells us. "We are passionate about offering a perfect shade for every woman, which is why we expanded our foundation shade range in 2015 with 40 diverse shades in three undertones, developed to match real skin."

Try out one of these 40 shades with Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation ($40), which is a customer favorite for its lightweight, silky, and buildable texture. It's also formulated with ingredients like vitamin C and E to provide long-term as well as short-term radiance results. (Did we mention that it's also vegan and cruelty-free?)

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"Our goal with the 'Nude Is Not Beige' campaign is to empower women to uncover their best beauty in a formula perfectly matched to their skin, made with the high standard of safe ingredients Cover FX is known for," says Cover FX CMO Steph So.

If you're worried about finding your correct shade out of 40 options, don't be. The brand has launched a virtual chatbot, or shade finder, on its website to make the match easy. Convenience at its finest-you won't even have to go into a brick-and-mortar store.

Cover FX

This foundation is available at Ulta, Sephora, and other mainstream retailers. After you find your perfect shade, the brand is encouraging customers to post a picture on social media with the hashtag #NudeIsNotBeige to spread a message of inclusiveness and empowerment. The idea is that this will encourageВ other brands to expand their shade rangesВ too, so anyone and everyone can find makeup fit for them. RepresentationВ matters in every aspect of life, beauty industry included, and aВ society that celebrates differences rather than overlooks themВ is so much betterВ