Exclusive: Bella Thorne Teaches Us Her #1 Makeup Secret

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In some ways, 18-year-old Bella Thorne seems at least a decade beyond her years. The actress and singer has packed a full career's worth of film and television roles into the 13 years she's been in the business. But in many ways, the scarlet-haired star is just a regular teenager on the precipice of adulthood, experimenting with her look and learning to embrace her flaws. Well, “regular” might be an exaggeration. For one, Thorne's makeup game is certainly next-level.

We got the chance to speak with Thorne in honor of Burt's Bees #LoveYourNature campaign, which features the new Burt's Bees Lipstick ($9) and encourages consumers to embrace what makes them unique. With Bella, we talked about wigs and glitter and learning not to “give a sh*t” about what other people think. Keep scrolling to read all about her makeup secrets, inspirations, and more!


On Her Celebrity Inspirations

BYRDIE: Your makeup skills are seriously on point these days. Where do you get your inspiration?

BELLA THORNE: It depends. Sometimes I just like trying out new stuff. I get stuff sent to me from some of the best brands all of the time. I'm so lucky that I get to try out their stuff and work it into my Snapchat story and tell everybody what's new, what I like, and what I don't like. I don't really get tricks from set. You know, film makeup is very, very different. You're literally just wearing under-eye concealer and mascara, and they won't put anything else on you, so I don't get a lot of lessons that way. I do watch a lot of tutorials on Instagram. I just started following all the cool new bloggers who post that kind of stuff, so I've been learning some stuff from there. Sometimes I keep an eye on Tumblr or Pinterest, and sometimes I'll see something like, Oh, hey, what's that? Let me see if I can try and re-create that in some way. So that's kind of how I do it.

BYRDIE: Do you have any favorite makeup accounts that you follow?

BT: Hold on, let me go on my Insta… Jeffree Star. I love him on Insta. He's got so many great Instagrams, and his stuff is really pretty. Also Huda Beauty-I follow her. She sells such great products and does really interesting things.

BYRDIE: What are some of your favorite makeup trends of right now? Any least favorites?

BT: It's so weird. I don't love when people put on lashes so that you see the shorter ones on the outer side. I'm like, Why? Why would I want that? Why would I want that lash to look so short? That doesn't even make sense. I guess it's for the baby-doll eye? I'm really not down for that look. I have almond-shaped eyes, so I'm all about the fierce cat eye-type look. Even if I'm doing a smoky eye, it'll still have a very catlike shape to it. I'm also not a fan of lip gloss. It's just not my style. I never wear lip gloss. I don't like the texture; I don't like it sticking in my hair all of the time. I'm always flipping my hair back and forth, so that's terrible.

Now, what do I like? I learned this trickВ that's really interesting. You know when you put eyeliner inside your waterline on the bottom? Okay, so instead of going completely around all the way, start from the outer edge of your water line and stop; then go from the other side of the eye and just leave the middle part white. Then fill that in with a nude liner. Basically it just makes the ends of your eye look sharper, yet the middle part is still open. What you're doing by lining the whole thing is closing your eye off. You're making your lashes and everything look smaller. So you leave the middle of it white or nude so you still have a big eye, yet it's still sexy and catlike.


On Experimenting With Makeup

BYRDIE: That is such a good trick! What's your favorite makeup look you've ever done on yourself?В

BT: That's hard! There was one I posted on my InstagramВ where I was like, I'll be creating this look on my Snapchat soon. That was one of the times that I went and I did my “beat by me,” which is when I actually do my own makeup on the carpet. That was a cool look. I'm all about the lip all the time. You know, I love using the Burt's Bees, because it's all-natural and it has moisturizer inside. I'm one of those people who's always picking at my lips because I'm so obsessed with having smooth, moisturized lips. So that is best. I always do a bold lip.В

I'm also looking at this one Instagram photo right now, and my caption is, “I really miss my makeup tutorials,” and I'm wearing two hearts on my eye. Like, I'm all about using body baubles in your makeup-like, the random things that you can put on your face. People are just like, Ooh, Coachella! Coachella! But I don't give a f*ck about Coachella. I'm gonna wear this sh*t out; I'm gonna make it part of my day-to-day routine! So I literally wear body baubles out and about when I'm hanging out with my friends. I have all the jewels, so my friends are like, “Okay, we'll put jewels on, too.” I also just started getting into wigs, which are really interesting to experiment with. It's so much fun. I didn't do that before, so it's pretty new for me, but I'm so into it. Like, I love choosing a hairstyle and a hair color. I just think it's so dope. It's a little bit on the harder side to do, but it's still so cool.

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On Her Beauty Essentials

BYRDIE: What are some of your beauty essentials right now? Products that you always have on you?

BT: I always carry something for my lips, so obviously Burt's Bees. Right now I'm wearing the brand's lipstick in Russet River. I love the darker berries, and I'm really into purples, especially for summer. And I'm usually always carrying an Evian spray or an oxygenating spray. There's one from Kate SomervilleВ that's really just spraying oxygen and acid in your face, so I use that on days I'm not wearing makeup. I go out a lot without any face makeup on, but I'm still always wearing some type of lip and stuff for my skin to keep my skin healthy.

BYRDIE: Very model off-duty. So speaking of Burt's Bees, the new campaign is all about embracing your individuality. What are some other ways you express your uniqueness through beauty?

BT: The campaign is all about loving your nature-loving yourself, loving who you are, and not being afraid to say that. That's why we're getting it so active, by hashtagging #lovingyournature on any social platform and saying what you love about yourself. That's one of the best parts. We all spend so much time in the mirror going, I hate this, I hate this, I want to fix that. And it's like, we don't spend enough time going, Wow, I love my face! I love my outfit! I love the way I look! That's what we're really trying to get at.

BYRDIE: What's one thing that you love about your own features?

BT: I wouldn't say this is something I'd brag about. I've talked about my dyslexia before. It's so hard when you get bullied so much in school, and now I just, like-even when I go on Twitter, I'm not afraid to be like, Yeah, I'm dyslexic. Yeah, I have a reading disorder. Yeah, I'm fine with that. I put out this post of a photo of my journal, and all this sh*t is spelled wrong, but like, I don't care; I'm not trying to impress you guys. I'm not posting this for you, I'm posting this for everybody out there to be like, “Wow, she doesn't care. She loves it. She loves herself. Good for her. Look at her; she's proud of what she has.В

This interview has been edited for tone and clarity

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