I Get Crazy Compliments Every Time I Wear This Product

My fellow Byrdie editors have been writing about the products that earn them compliments (and dates!) recently, which has prompted me to search deep within myself to contemplate the same. This is actually not as vain of an act as it might seemВ but rather done in the name of research and the greater good of humankind. After all, if a product makes people say, "WhatВ is that on your face?" to me (in a good way, not in aВ you-have-salad-on-your-chin way), then there's a high chance you'll experience the same. So really, I'm a beauty humanitarian of sorts.В

As I was racking my brain over this very important topic, one product came to mind. Not only do I own it in every shade, but it's also the first thing I blurt out when peopleВ ask me for makeup recommendations. I've dedicated an entire post to my love for the brand that makes this product, I've grabbed iPhones out of strangers' hands to show them its beauty on Instagram, and I will probably be buried with a ring of them around my head like a halo or clasped tightly to my chest as the ancient Italians did with loaves of clay.В

The product is Rituel de Fille's Rare Light Luminizer, and I won't shut up about it for as long as I live.В

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Ah, there she is. Who could guess that this sleek little compact would house the creamy, iridescent, cherub-skin-giving highlighter of your dreams? I'm going to dive right into why this highlighter means more to me than most of my relationships (just kidding, friends!).

First of all, the texture. Not sticky but not velvety either, the creamy consistency warms up and melts when you swirl your finger in it, then sinks into your skin wherever you tap it and gives you an ethereal, angel-like glow. Lately, I've been using the shade Solaris, which gives my cheekbones a peachy-pink iridescent sheen. Ghost Light is my second favorite for a slightly more purple glow, and I'll replace my blush with Phosphene on days I'm feeling lazy (aka most days).

Faith Xue

I once described the glow this highlighter gives as a "less unicorn, more cosmic baby angel fairy," and I stand by that very scientific statement today. As you can see in the photo above, it givesВ justВ the right amount of sheen-not too much that you're glowing like an orb but not too little that it's barely noticeable. Every time I wear this highlighter on my cheeks (which is most days), I swear at least one person stops me and compliments me or asks me what highlighter I'm wearing. Some have even whipped out their phones and bought it on the spot.В Honestly, my ego is insane right now. If Rituel de Fille ever needs a spokesperson for this highlighter, I'mВ the girl (and would appreciate the commission).В

Faith Xue

"But I hate highlighter! I wish I hadn't clicked into this article!" some of you might beВ saying (hopefully not, but there are some people out there who might). Here's the thing: Rituel de Fille can also just make your skin look better in general, even if you have no idea how to use a highlighter or just hate the look of it. If you'd prefer a subtler glow that seems more lit-from-within and less look-at-my-highlighter, all you have to do is tap it along your cheekbones and down your nose, andВ then blend it in with a fluffy brush. I've found that this gets rid of the shineВ but still makes your skin look luminescent from different angles (exhibit A, above). I've also used it on my bare eyelids or over eye shadow to add more of a holographic finish. It's really that versatile, and honestly, one small compact will last you forever, which should make you feel better about the price tag.В

Lastly, did I mention that Rituel de Fille is nontoxic?В AllВ its formulations are free of sketchy ingredients like the parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes, or synthetic fragrances that lurk in a lot of other mainstream makeup brands. Instead, every ingredient is hand-selected for a clear purpose and all the products are created with the fewest ingredients possible. They're 100% cruelty-free and 99% natural. As someone who scans a product's ingredient list first thing before letting it even near the vicinity of my face, this makes me love my dear Rare Light Luminizer even more.

To end, I present to you this very important photo of me eating pasta in a completely natural way. (Honestly, it's so embarrassing when my friends take photos of me in the middle of eating.) As you can see, the pasta takes a back seat to the glory of my shining brow and cheekbones. If that doesn't convince you that you need this product in your life, then I give up.