How It's Made: Lush Bath Bomb Edition

Courtesy of Lush

Ever wondered how to make a bath bomb? More specifically, how Lush, creator of the world's most iconic and lusted-after bath bombs, makes its bath bombs? Wonder no more.

On a grey, rainy day in July, I headed, with a videographer, down to Poole in Dorset, where the inside of the Lush factory was anything but dreary. From vats of brightly coloured pigments to the top 40 being played over the loudspeaker, dozens of people were milling about, mixing shimmering minerals, pigments and oils before packing them into acrylic moulds until they resembled the bath bombs many of us know and love. We followed the Intergalactic bath bomb (ВЈ5), a Lush best seller, on its journey from loose powder to multicoloured, fizzing bath bomb du jour.

Keep scrolling to watch our exclusive "how it's made" video, the Lush bath bomb edition.

Videographer:В Aaron Christian.

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