Taylor Hill Shares How a Beauty Hang-Up Became Her Trademark

If we didn't know that Taylor Hill was discovered by an agent in a barn in Colorado, we might think that was the plot for some new YA novel. Truly, this is the backstory behind the start to her career, which began at the ripe age of just 14. Hill's undeniable beauty would later pave the way to jobs like print ads for Forever 21 and H&M, eventually booking her first role with Victoria's Secret walking the infamous Fashion Show in 2014. Then, earlier this year, she was anointed with her very own wings as a Victoria's Secret Angel.

Meeting with the stunning 5'10" model in a downtown SoHo Victoria's Secret store was like seeing a unicorn in the wild. She's truly as gorgeous as (if not, more than) she is in her pictures. Of course, we were dying to learn her beauty tips and secrets so maybe we could also attempt to get her signature look ourselves.

To learn Hill's tips, keep scrolling!

First things first, are you excited for the show to broadcast tomorrow?

Hill: So excited! But also, very nervous, but mostly excited.В

Can you tell me your reaction when you first heard that you were going to be a Victoria's Secret Angel?

Hill:В I was like, "No. You're lying. Like, that's not true. Stop messing with me." But then I was like, "WHAT?" and called my mom.

Amazing! So what did you do to celebrate?

Hill:В I didn't do anything, really! I was just too in shock! I signed a contract, that's how I celebrated! I was like, "This is the best contract I've ever signed! I want to frame it!"

I've seen some YouTube videosВ of you and your sisters doing makeup, so how has your routine changed since, you know, a few years ago?

Hill:В I would say I don't wear as much makeup now, because, you know, I wear makeup every single day for work. I wear like, thick makeup that's meant to last all day long in studios and on set, so I kind of give myself a break. Because back then I was young and I thought it was fun-and it still is-but I'd rather just kind of hang out laughs.

So how do you maintain those amazing brows? What's your secret?

Hill:В I don't touch them. At all. I mean, it's kind of a genetic thing, like, my dad and my mom both have thick eyebrows, and, you know, she would pluck and wax her eyebrows and even over the years my mom's eyebrows started thinning and she's like "Don't touch them ever! Don't let anyone touch them! They'll fall out!" Laughs. So, she never let me touch my eyebrows when I was a kid, and I got made fun of for having a unibrow, but here I am!

There you go! Exactly. And now it's like your trademark.

Hill: Laughs And now everyone's like, "Those brows!" And I'm like, acts puzzled "People used to hate my eyebrows!" In high school they were like, "You have a unibrow!" and it's like, sorry!

What about your signature cat eye? Do you have a trick for making it so precise?

Hill: When I do it myself, I draw like a little triangle on the end and I fill it in, and then I take it from the ends and then I draw a straight line all the way to the inner corner of my eye. That's how I usually do it. It's easier than to start here points to innerВ corner of her eye and then go out, because then you can kind of mess it up and it'll never be equal, but if you just do a little triangle, then it's the easiest way for me to do it.

Perfect. I need to add those tips to my regimen! So what are some must-haves in your makeup bag?

Hill: I really love BB Cream (Ed note: Hill's favorite is Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream, $9), because regular foundation can be very thick and heavy and can make you break out, but BB cream has sunscreen in it and is a little bit lighter. It's like a coverage, but it's not like cake face photo shoot coverage, it's just kind of like every day, looks-more-natural coverage. That's definitely a must-have for me. And also mascara. When in doubt, I just put mascara on, and I feel like that always opens up the eye and makes you feel like you're awake. If I'm feeling really tired and I want to wear makeup, I just put mascara on. It changes the day laughs.В

It really does! So I see that your mom used to cut your hair. Does she still?

Hill: She still does! Whenever I need a quick trim I'm like "Mom! Cut my hair!" And she's like, "Okay!"

What did you do to prepare for theВ Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? For the days leading up to it, did you do any special treatments?

Hill:В We get facials and spray tans from VS. They get everything for us. We do an oxygen facial the day before, and then for myself, this year I was kind of stressing out and a little bit nervous and getting into that place where I had to calm myself down, so I went to a spa. I was like, "Massage me!" And I got a body scrub before my spray tan, and that's usually it. It's a special treatment you know, fun and relaxing to do before a huge day, and it makes you feel beautiful and fresh.В